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Welcome to my creative playground 😘 ❤️


Life is filled with love and pain. We struggle, suffer, and come together. I explore found speech with music to unite people. I care therefore I create.


For the song I Can't Breathe, I was appalled by the footage of Derek Chauvin killing George Floyd by putting his knee on George’s neck for more than seven minutes. The brutality and lack of humanity in the video terrified me. I was even more disappointed when there were 75 policemen protecting outside of Derek’s house. I incorporated the sound from Chloe Jo from Shaun King’s Instagram video to express the anger everybody has been feeling since the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. I made this to never forget.

For the song Coronavirus, I made it in March 2020 when people still considered it equivalent to the flu. The ignorance was terrifying to me. I know how serious this virus was and still is. I don't think people worked hard enough to solve the problem. Therefore, I created the song to advocate people to be more serious about the virus and take precautions.


I played around with different techniques in Ableton Live to create specific sensations.


When the World is Asleep

Inspired by Brian Eno's Thursday Afternoon, I wanted to create something ambient and calm to sooth people's mind during COVID-19. This was performed live on May 9th, 2020 through Zoom where the audience was asked to do things that they love rather than staring at the screen.

I Have a Dream

This piece is inspired to create a world with hope during COVID-19 when despair and frustrations are the main vibe. I performed this piece live in company with Edwin Oliver-Rose's Visual on May 18, 2020 for the ITP Spring Show After Party.

A Day, Any Day, Everyday

A live audiovisual performance interpreting the daily mundane activities during COVID-19 to represent the situation where days are no longer days and nights are no longer nights. . For more information, go here .

Generative Art

I have experience in p5.js, ml5.js, Tone.js, Processing in creating generative arts.

Flight of the Bumblebee

Open it here. You have to give camera permission to play this.

Rainbow Mirror

Open it here. You have to give camera permission to play this.

Move yourself towards or away from the camera. Change the slider to see the changes in the effects.


I have been learning to cook creatively during the COVID-19. More pictures will be updated here. Check out my blog on creative cooking here.