A short film of loneliness in an unreal world.



Tuna lives in a flower right next to the curvy roads. In order to find happiness, she has to find her way back to the ocean.


World building

Version I

Heightmap Building

In order to build up my unreal skills, I also followed the manual for unreal from the Wolrd of Level Design (WoLD). It was super helpful! I also learned to create the height map from photoshop and imported it to Unreal. It really wowed me how unreal can be so powerful and efficient in making the visuals happen.

Left is the photoshopped map. Right is the unreal imported height map.


Version II

MotionBuilder Recap

I did several times in MotionBuilder to be familiar with the workflow. I understood that I need to delete the animation data as well as the skeleton for Roots before exporting it to fbx. In this way, I will get the normal skeleton when importing it to unreal rather than the squid shaped skeleton as below.

I had so much fun working in front of a green screen. But there are problems where when I kneel, the data through RADiCAL seems hard to analyze it. So some of the actions I recorded are not as accurate.

I wanted to work with Marvelous on Saturday but I spent the whole day working with Unreal to find better angles and create a more cohesive story. I will update the character design in terms of costume design through Marvelous design!



FaceAR in Blender


Animations from Mixamo

assets/tuna-world/animationList.png assets/tuna-world/sequencer.png

POV in UE4


Fixing in UE

UV unwrap in UE and changing the scale of iris



Adding eyelashes


Animation Sequences


Setting the Intro Scene


Next Steps

Here is the detailed story for further development to include the assets below. Since I have enriched the story a little bit. There are several things I need to reconsider:

  1. Depressing color-scheme:
    1. Hot-> orangish-brown for the plateau
    2. light yellow atmospheric fog as always
    3. Light grayish-blue as the master color scheme
  2. Features
    1. Occasional seagulls flying - indicating that ocean is not too far away
    2. Few bushes to show existence of life between the cracks of the stones
    3. Dry texture of the rocks and road - make sure it is hot to touch with your bare feet
    4. coffin-shaped cave made up with stones - Tuna’s so-called home
    5. Wild fire everywhere
    6. Steaming hot surroundings
  3. Places & actions that can take place - Mixamo and RADiCAL
    1. Within the Coffin
      1. Tuna sleeps and turns back and forth - insomnia
      2. Laying shrugging
      3. laying sleeping
      4. waking
      5. walking out of the coffin - female start walking, walking, female stop walking, walking in circle, female stop and start
      6. Goes out and does her daily routine - shows the player the surrounding
    2. On the Plateau - The rainy day
      1. crying
      2. dancing
    3. The Escape
      1. running, running tired, turn to running, injured run
      2. climbing down the side of the plateau
        1. climbing down wall
        2. climbing
    4. Animations to recapture
      1. Sense of salvation
        1. Joyful jump and dance for a while, cry on the floor while kneeling down
      2. Over-joyously swimming in the ocean
      3. Look up to the sky while taking in all the water she can in the ocean