AR - Sixth Sense
An AR app to simulate schizophrenia symptoms in an authentic and respectful way to foster understanding and empathy. Created in XR Brain Jam 2022.
AR - Lifelines
MIT Reality Hackathon 2022 Winner Lifelines is a collaborative AR therapy tool to build, visualize, and analyze the story of your life.
Innovation Hives - Accenture
To utilize cutting-edge technology, stunning art and lighting, and engaging storytelling to bring Accenture's research to life.
VR - Dear Nobody
A VR love letter to embrace vulnerability and insecuity.
AMNH Spatial Audio
A spatial audio app for museums.
Motion Graphics
A 50 days of making in cinema 4d.
Shaders GLSL
A 50 days of making in shader GLSL.
AR Filters
A collection of AR filters exploring identity issues.
Tuna World
A short film of loneliness in an unreal world.
Sun and Us
Perform a symphony with the sun.
Moods Journal
Emotional input collage mobile app.
The White Snake
A non-linear immersive storytelling of a Chinese myth.
Icarus and Daedalus
Same Story. Two Presentations
Your Eye for A Prize
A critique on attention economy.
A personal Apple watch band that keeps you warm in the cold.
Dance of the rain
A light visualization of historical rain data of cities around the globe.
All Connecting
An interactive video sculpture that exposes the systems of the Internet in real-time.
Audio Diary
Talk about your feelings to get through hard times.
Mood for Food
A fullstack website offers food options based on user emotions.
Double Date
An interactive video installation about attention between devices and people.
Forest of Sounds
An interactive music installation that reinterprets the daily mundane sounds.
Authentic or Not
An interactive game to learn recipes visually.
Toilet Paper Mania
An absurd virtual experience of the toilet paper mania during COVID-19.