Hi, Yiting here!


I am a creative technologist designing experiences to foster meaningful interactions through AR/VR, music, and performance.

I want the design to expand what is possible in perceiving how to tell stories in the world by combining multiple mediums and technology. We need to challenge our current perceptions of how we frame stories.

I am open to having conversations with agency heads, creative & art directors, and senior creative technologists, about how I can assist you to realize your project.


Creative Technologist

Work Experience

Graduate Assistant (Code!1 & Code!2)

NYU ITP | Aug. 2021 - Present

Utilize Google Classroom and forum to grade students and give them detailed feedbacks weekly on creative coding tool p5.js.

AR Developer

Resilience 2032 | Jun. 2020 - Oct. 2020

Implemented four AR filters to enhance the social media immersive experience for the 2032 narrative

Introduced creative directions to improve the outreach for the targeted audience

Web AR Developer

Octavia Immersive | Jun. 2020 - Oct. 2020

Implemented web AR using head tracking tools in three.js for Electric Dreams Festival 2020

Creative Technologist

Authentic or Not | Nov. 2019 - Dec. 2019

Built an interactive game to learn recipes using Arduino and p5.js

Exhibited for ITP Winter Show 2019 & Liberty Science Center for EWeek 2020

Attracted more than 3000 people with our game


+1 - (608)-580-2350






New York University

Master of Professional Studies - May 2021

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bachelor of Business Administration & Letters and Science - May 2019



HTML5, CSS, Javascript, mySQL, Node, DigitalOcean, Heroku, MongoDB, Glitch.


Adobe Creative Suite, Ableton Live, Max/MSP, Processing, Arduino, Unreal, Unity, Kinect, Figma, Spark AR, Lens Studio, Blender.


Computer Music, Machine Learning, Laser Cutting, Quick Prototyping, Product Design, Fabrication, Physical Computing, Creative Coding.